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Kindsight 🇩🇰 - ‘Swedish Punk’ (album)

Have you ever wondered how a song can feel like home? A feeling similar to when you taste a coffee that you really love after a long tiring day. I was wondering as well, until I came across the new album by  Danish band Kindsight, which offers moments of nostalgia throughout. You’ll have all the feelings you had during your reckless days on ‘Swedish Punk’, wandering the world with your friends under a sunny day, being crazy and free.


We’ve written about them before, a 4-piece Danish band who started their journey in the year 2020, composed of vocalist Nina Hyldgaard Rasmusse fronting a classic 4 piece indie line-up.. After having a series of singles hitting over the last 18 months, Kindsight, finally launched their debut album in March.


Swedish Punk’ consists of songs that are rich in instrumentals, perfectly blended on Nina’s distinctly addictive vocals that bring fuzzy yet harmonious melodies and optimism to each track. They said ‘Swedish Punk’ was an impromptu name which their producer, Adam, came up with when they needed a working title for a new song, written during their recording sessions. Their bass player tried to write some lyrics based on their unofficial title, and they ended up being fond of the whole “Swedish Punk” thing until it became their official album title.


I'm captivated by their song “Sun Is Always In My Eyes” and “Don’t You Grow Up” as I came to reminisce my foolishness (or maybe not) during the old days, running away from home to meet my friends in a secret hideout we build in the nearby vacant lot. The first strum on the electric guitar along with the depth effect given by bass guitar followed by soft yet powerful whip on the drum awakens my locked-up memories of old days. 

Definitely worth a listen to, it’s an album rich in wit, with catchy indie pop-like songs, balancing fuzz and noise that will immerse you on listening unto it. 

Find them on Facebook.


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