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  • Andy

Kindsight 🇩🇰 - ‘Tomorrow’ (single)

Kindsight are another band we've featured regularly since their debut in 2020 and I found myself reading up earlier what I said about them at the time, describing an almost 'childlike exuberance' in their music. I also curiously suggested their music was so 'bang on centre in the Indie Pop genre' that maybe the 'Indietracks or Indiefjord festival would care to sign them up for 2021".

Sadly the Indietracks festival ceased to exist shortly after I wrote this comment (quite possibly because I wrote it), whilst we can't expect anything more from the lovely people at Indiefjord, who took on our recommendation on the The Wit in 2019, then signed up Mammoth Penguins for 2024 after discussing them in our interview last year, and now probably don't have any room left on a boat for this year now that Randolph's Leap are going too.

Anyway I digress because Kindsight have released 'Tomorrow', the 1st single from a new album which will be released in April on Rama Lama Records and entitled 'No Shame No Fame'. They describe the track as "the soundtrack to a Fender Jaguar riding the train back and forth between Copenhagen and Malmö for eternity”, as the 'last 5% of the song' was so hard to complete that it possibly might have caused vocalist Nina to leave her guitar on the train on the way home form the studio.  

It's slightly more helpful at least than their debut single which they described in their notes as 'a sausage of a song', which four years on I still don't understand, but anyway I really like 'Tomorrow', jangling guitars, melodic sweet vocals and a melancholia tinged chorus which is instantly appealing on 1st listen.

Kindsight are definitely the type of indie band you can enjoy in any environment, whether on your daily commute, dancing around your home at night or even watching live against the backdrop of a Norwegian fjord. Look forward to the album.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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