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  • Harri

Klara Goliger 🇸🇪 - The Piano Chair (Album)

In early November this year, Swedish artist and producer Klara Goliger released her album The Piano Chair: an indie-pop collection of various coming-of-age themes. The Gothenburg-based musician has been working with music her entire life—from writing songs in high school to getting a degree in sound and music production to touring around Europe and creating hits.

While some have pointed out some Regina Spektor influences to her music (and I agree) I most definitely liken her to Lenka and The Pierces as well. There’s something about Klara’s delicate yet empowering voice that starts off soft, almost like a whisper and ultimately developing into something grander. Her incredible vocals are also accompanied by neatly arranged instrumentals (with a particularly solid bass and climactic piano) which were all co-produced with Hannes Boeryd. 

My favorite track on the album has got to be the first one, Sitting on Your Chair. It has the potential to be on the soundtrack of a mystery teen drama show (yep, I’m definitely thinking Pretty Little Liars or even Gossip Girl). I just love how Klara’s voice is so gentle, but at the same time, commands everybody to just listen to whatever story she has to tell. Klara Goliger definitely has the potential to be the type of artist that gets adopted by music lovers worldwide.

Until then, listen to Klara’s music for some pick-me-up on Spotify or Bandcamp and follow her on Instagram as well to keep track of info and shows near you.


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