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  • David Bentley

Known as Tymm – Somewhere Asleep (single)

Sweden’s Tommy Blixt has so many pseudonyms and aliases that he could be Jason Bourne. He is Known as Tymm but prior to that he was ‘Known as Beppe’, which could be an Italian clown.  So I easily misread a recent post on Facebook which “explained where he has been” as saying he is now ‘Somewhere Asleep’. But it turns out that’s the title of the song. Keep up, Jason. Sorry, David.

Not only that, readers may recall him from a ‘Video of the Week’ from  a few months back, as the singer with the dynamic Ambage, another project he is involved with.

When I’ve reviewed his Known as Tymm songs previously I’ve noted a biblical theme. The first one was ‘Himlariket’ or ‘Heavenly Realm’, then ‘Serpent, Holy Serpent’ which came with a slightly spooky low budget video which transposed the ideal setting for a holy serpent, the Garden of Eden, into a supernaturally scary wood which might be the one used in The Blair Witch project.

This one is quite different again, a sort of avant-garde, experimental and hypnotic, pop piece, sharply constructed, which while having some shades of the hard rock of Ambage is slightly psychy as well.

We always like to hear something that deviates from the well-worn path and this certainly does. If I can resurrect the comment I first made about Known as Tymm; he knows how to build atmosphere, both aurally and visually and a concept album or film score would probably suit him down to the ground.

Find him on Facebook.


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