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Kontio Polaris 🇫🇮 - ‘Sleeping With The Waves’ (single)

Yes I’m still going on about the Eurovision Song Contest, but in fairness I did find it fairly inspirational as I thought the quality and variety of artists was generally really high, Germany and the UK apart obviously. Oh and poor Denmark.

Anyway it’s got me thinking about the styles of music that we feature in NMR and I’d like us to do even more to ensure there’s a good balance. And Finnish band Kontio Polaris are an interesting one, not just because of their name, but because their music does fuse together pop and rock – and sometimes I’m reluctant to say that because bands probably don’t like it much. But in the spirit of Eurovision, Kontio Polaris are definitely a pop rock band of sorts.

I will ask them about their name at some point, because after looking at possible translations I’m still not quite sure, even if to me the all new Kontio Polaris does sound like something I should be viewing in a car showroom. Or does such a comment make me sound like Amanda Holden? Either way it certainly rolls off the tongue, and conforms to the only one bit of good advice I have for new bands – make your name ‘googleable’.

Anyway they were formed by high school friends Roope, Matias, Henri, and Joppe who took some demos to producer friend Ilari, who appeared to like them so much he joined the band. They released an emotional debut single called ‘Brother’ a couple of months ago which has been on my ‘possible’ list for weeks and is still worth listening to, it builds pretty powerfully and should grow on you if you give it chance.

But that’s been superseded by a new single entitled ‘Sleeping With The Waves’, and this has a more mellow stripped laid back feel (hence the ‘pop’ claim on my part), at least with some fuzzy guitar interludes that break things up. Anyway it’s a pleasant tune and a pleasant song, with the gentle sound of waves on the beach adding a calming atmosphere at the end.

Well, I say ‘waves on the beach’, it might equally be a band member washing out a coffee cup in the studio kitchen sink whilst being recorded.

Anyway Kontio Polaris write good alternative pop rock songs and I look forward to future releases.

Find them on Facebook. And Instagram.


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