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Kristian Grostad (Norway) - ‘Blink of an Eye’ (single)

I know we have readers across the world and that different pandemic lockdowns apply according to where you live, but over in the UK the latest restrictions have driven me a little crazy over the last few weeks. Clearly what I’ve needed is a healthy dose of musical sentimentality, with a ballad style song that creates visions of 1000’s of synchronised arms waving in the direction of a festival stage, and all lit up purely by the magic of mobile phone torchlights.

Anyway, Norwegian songwriter Kristian Grostad has kind of written that song. It’s entitled ‘Blink of an Eye‘, and it’s the last single before the release of his debut album ‘Toxic Sea’, which is due to be released on April 23rd.

There’s actually a lovely and simple background to the track, in that he wrote it whilst contemplating the journey he’s been on as a new father. As he explains: ‘This song is extra special to me, and it rounds up most of my life the past couple of years. Three years ago I became a father, and it was the most beautiful and scariest time of my life (and it still is). Having a child is one of the greatest responsibilities I can imagine. Knowing that I am fully responsible for another human being is beyond crazy.’

It opens gently enough, before blossoming out with a big melodic chorus, impressive vocals belting out the tune, it’s easy listening, radio friendly with gentle unobtrusive instrumentation. Nothing too challenging and completely timeless, I guess there’s always a place for songs sung from the heart like this.

We look forward to that album release next month, and you can find him on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.


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