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Lillith - ‘Badh’ (single)

I introduced Norwegian band Lillith at the start of the year when they released a track entitled ‘The Beautiful Dreamers’, although maybe for some it was more of a re-introduction given the single was the long awaited follow up to an album released in 2010, entitled ‘Once I Was Alive’. Either way it’s great to hear a new song in the form of ‘Badh’.

Badh’ hasn’t appealed quite so instantly as ‘Beautiful Dreamers’, but it’s a similarly darkly textured track. That darkness is created by the clever mix of instruments, a sliding ‘glissando’ cello, obtrusive percussive elements dominating and unforgettable lyrics, which I find myself re-listening to: ‘’As we move far away from each other, waiting for you to come around, it’s like beating a dead horse to the ground’’.

There’s actually a little of my favourite purveyor of dark melancholy words, Mirel Wagner, in the lyrical expression too, and Lillith have quickly established themselves (or re-established, I guess) with an interesting way of constructing their songs.

I’m looking forward to the album, it won’t be a cheery set of indie pop tracks for a summers evening, they’re not a band to compromise. As they say in ’Badh’ - ‘’don’t care what people might say, don’t bother, want to do it my way’’.

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