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Linebug - ‘Like Wild Horses’ (video)

Last time we featured Linebug, the collaboration between Danish songwriter Line Bogh and the artist Christian Gundtoft, they were just about to head out on a tour, showcasing their unique musical and visual live show to audiences in Europe. It was February, and the timing at least didn’t seem to work out too badly for them because it looks like they completed those dates before the lockdowns started to kick in.

Since then they’ve taken the time to work further on the project and enhance the live show, with more live dates starting this week. And there is a new release to listen to and watch too, which is entitled ‘Like Wild Horses’, coming out just a few days ago.

I’ve always had a lot of time for Line Bogh’s musical releases, so this was a lovely excuse to load up all 4 Linebug singles to date, and stream them around the house as if they’d just released an EP. But of course the visual element is as important in this collaboration, and the video to ‘Like Wild Horses’ is just such a clever idea. Christian explains more:

“I was completely obsessed with how the extremes in the political spectrum just couldn’t communicate, and I thought that it was so important that there would be some focus on this In the video we follow a female silhouette on a white background and a white, male silhouette on a black background. Every time they step into the other’s world, they become invisible to the other, as they no longer can be distinguished from the background. The story revolves about them trying to find a way to unite. On the surface it’s a classic story about impossible love, but to me it’s also about the bigger picture - if we are not able to see each other, we won’t be able to communicate”.

It seems so simple but it’s a brilliant concept, and I guess it links in to us creating echo chambers through social media and daily news consumption that block out the views we don’t want to hear.

Line Bogh has a distinct voice which always ensures each track retains a character of its own, and whilst the song is not as atmospheric as ‘White Nights’, I love the rhythmic element to it which just gives it a carefree, buoyant feel.

For more details on the new live dates check out Facebook or Instagram.


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