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llawgne 🇸🇪 - Chrysanthemum Rock

It's been almost 3 years since I wrote about Swedish artist llawgne, the day after the 2020 US elections in fact, as I sat there crying with increasing laughter and relief that maybe, just maybe, the world wasn't quite as crazy as I thought.

The track I featured at the time was called 'Reverie Neverending' a melodic shoegaze track that reminded me of bands such as Ride and the always underrated Curve. Anyway a year on from that feature Mathias Engwall, the artist behind llawgne, finally released his debut album Nevereveries, and now he's on the verge of releasing his 2nd, curiously entitled 'Microdosing Heavy Poetry.'

I've really enjoyed belatedly listening to that earlier album today, and new track 'Chrysanthemum Rock' is very much in the same spirit, a big indie anthem which opens with a 90's guitar riff, and has a catchy high tempo chorus that is irresistibly easy on the ear. As always with his music there's a message behind the track, which Mathias has been explaining:

"Teach yourself to ease the pain…by learning to sing the chrysanthemum rock is an urging as good as any in a time when more and more people break under the pressure to perform their best at work and in their personal life. So - stop! Smell the flowers. Do stuff that lead absolutely nowhere."

Now if there was a premise behind Nordic Music Review it would be that last line, a curious endeavour that wanders aimlessly, but is far more fun and productive than stressing about work or staring at Facebook.

Anyway I'm looking forward to the album. Find him on Facebook, where I've just noticed he says he likes talk shows, coffee and long distance running. He should join Running Punks.


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