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  • David Bentley

Lokoy (with Emilie Østebø) – A Mistake (single from forthcoming debut album)

We’ve featured Sløtface’s bassist Lasse Lokøy, aka Lokoy, on several previous occasions but this isn’t so much about him as about Emilie Østebø, a 20-year old who is new to us. I have to admit that as much as I like Sløtface I’ve never really been able to get into Lokoy’s rather abstract solo work so far. This is different.

‘A Mistake’ is lifted from Lokoy's forthcoming debut album ‘Badminton’, out January 22nd via Propeller Recordings. The song arose from original work by Østebø which she demoed at Lokoy’s home studio with the assistance of Sløtface guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad. (That’s a great name isn’t it; it would send tremors around Lindisfarne if they knew he was on his way there). It seems she was a support act for Sløtface some years ago (so how old was she then?) and they regarded her very highly even at that early juncture.

And while Lokoy’s trademark bass is again evident here the song owes much to that guitar work, synths, a strong melody and her vocals; it really is the Østebø show (or Østebø shuhh to give it the Norwegian pronunciation).

She says, “The song deals with the relationship between two people, the dynamic. Often I feel like songs are a parody of yourself. The chorus of ‘a mistake’ is sort of a parody of the self-indulgent things you imagine saying to a person you’ve just had a fight with. I wrote the melody of the post-chorus on guitar, but Lasse had the idea to sing it instead. The childish and sarcastic tone of that melody when sung perfectly communicates the petulance of the lyrics."

Apparently, the 15 tracks on Lokoy’s album include collaborations with a range of “exciting new Norwegian talent” including Nils Bech, Safario, Moyka, and Sofus, while he is “looking to align himself with some of the most exciting young producers, not just in Norway, but in the world”, having “quickly become one of Oslo's most in-demand producers and collaborators.”

‘Badminton’ - track list.

1. classic city girl

2. relay (with Nils Bech)

3. [weak soup]

4. both eyes (with Safario)

5. [young boy]

6. morning sun (with Sofus)

7. badminton

8. a mistake (with Emilie Østebø)

9. [freaking disaster]

10. murder in my mind (with Moyka)

11. i never missed you like i do now

12. limbo

13. glitter

14. [stekt bacon]

15. ghost town

As I’ve said before I’m not sure just where that leaves Sløtface but we’ll see. Indeed there are elements of ‘A Mistake’ which remind me of the Stavanger pop-punk band. For now I’m more than happy to see him working with this young lady and I hope there will be more of it. There’s no ‘mistake’ evident here.

There is a shed load of these very young female singer-songwriters in Norway just now – Aurora, Sigrid, girl in red, Moyka, Dagny, Amanda Tenfjord, Lil Halima – to name but a few as well as Emilie. Another Viking invasion, but of the right kind.

‘A Mistake’ is out now.

Find Lokoy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And Emilie Østebø on Instagram: @emilie.ostebo


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