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  • David Bentley

Louien (Norway) – 'Deep Within' (single/track from forthcoming EP)

Louien (Live Miranda Solberg) has released her second single from an EP called ‘No Tomorrow’, which itself will be released by Jansen Recordings on 4th June.

Last time out I enthused over her ability to switch between styles in the same song in a way that doesn’t at all come across as pretentious, as she fluctuated between Simon & Garfunkel, Joan Jett and The Beatles, and over her voice, which I described as silky smooth and sexy at the same time.

This EP is said to be a reflection of how on any one day you can encounter many different moods and emotions. The emotions on this Americana-influenced track are different to those on its predecessorand she says it is “about when a change is coming, when you feel the fibres of your body change. When you’ve worked so hard to feel better and do better and you can feel how it pays off”.

The atmosphere right from the start is of one of those Nashville “You threw me out on my ear but at least I got to keep my dog and I love it more than you” epics. And in a good old Southern Belle style she laments how “the bullet got stuck in the barrel” while a pedal steel guitar whines away in the background.

Then about two-thirds of the way through there’s a weird instrumental bridge which might have been lifted off The Beatles’ ‘I am the Walrus’, the second time she’s channelled the Fab Four in a clever little way on successive tracks.

Oh, and it’s got a catchy chorus as well.

There’s much said about diversity these days. Louien is a champion of it, in her own little way.

‘Deep Within’ is out now (14th April).

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