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  • David Bentley

Lune – 'Wi-Fi' (single)

Lune is the voice on the Swedish House Mafia song ‘Leave the World Behind’ and on ‘Teenage Crime’ by Adrian Lux. She now releases all material on her own label.

Growing up in the northern woods of Sweden Lune moved to Stockholm when she was 16 to attend the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Dance is a big part of the way she communicates her music, and she’s a Thai boxer (undefeated) to boot. The constant urge for artistic integrity drove her to start the label Play Human where she’s now building a team with people from all art forms.

‘Wi-Fi’ is her tribute to the pure, unconditional love that can be shared between friends. “A limitless place where you feel totally safe, and time and space cease to exist.”

My ideal scenario when I’m reviewing any new song is when I can relate the artist to one I rate highly already, while appreciating what he/she/they bring to the table. Lune satisfies that need perfectly, bringing strong elements of two high class artists - the UK’s Polly Scattergood and Denmark’s Lydmor - while layering her own style the length of the track.

The lyrics are brutally frank – “Let’s get ready, let’s get lit/Don’t you worry about your man tonight/I got Tinder, let’s get kissed”…”Don’t you worry where to sleep tonight/ I got pillows, I got thongs”. And the intriguing line, “I promise nightmares are dreams too”.

It’s all wrapped around dreamy synths that never become too sugary.

I’d like to see just how she performs this live. I suspect she has the ability to put on a visually appealing show.

‘Wi-Fi’ is released today., and Luna can be found on Facebook or Instagram


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