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Lusitanian Ghosts - ‘For the Wicked’ (single)

We’ve been aware of Portuguese / Swedish / International project Lusitanian Ghosts for a while, as they’re signed to the excellent pan galactic record label European Phonographic – we wrote about Norwegian musician and ladder enthusiast Trees Up North from the same label a few months back.

At the time I didn't quite have the time to get around to writing about them, however they’re back with a new song and it’s really powerful too. Entitled ‘For The Wicked’ it’s a track that makes an impression both musically and lyrically - I guess described simply it‘s a call against selfish and self righteous people with anti-humanist values.

Neil Leyton from the Lusitanian Ghosts has been explaining more about the track. “Like the Manics "Design for Life", I am not singing the chorus in my own voice but rather I’m taking on the role of those high-and-mighty power-hungry populists, the ruling elites or even religious zealots who believe bad things will never happen to them because they’re closer to god”.

Power hungry populists? I’ve no idea who he might be referring to.

There’s certainly an element of Manics in the track, and vocalist Leyton delivers the lyrics with such precision that you can’t help but feel persuaded.

Instrumentally there is a wealth of conventional and unconventional contributions, which include traditional Portuguese string instruments too numerous to name individually, but the collective sound is really impressive, particularly in the way it builds throughout the song. The anthemic ending is effective too, a climactic chorus repeated until the musical theme and lyrics will be really stuck firmly in your mind. And of course, there’s nothing like a good political sing-a-long to get us through the long winter nights.

Lusitanian Ghosts are in impressive ensemble, diverse in their musical references and approach, and with an ability to make a weighty powerful sound too.

Find them on Facebook.

Read more about ‘Trees up North’ here.


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