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Lydmor - If you want capacity (single)

A favourite artist of mine, this new single from Lydmor is indicative of one of several different directions she is going in musically since the release of her third album ‘I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story’ in 2018. That album seems to have been cathartic for her in that it acted as a driver to explore her musical ability with a new artistic composure. The fourth one is due for release this year.

To be honest it isn’t the ‘direction’ I favour. Earlier in her career she produced some gorgeous ballads such as ‘Seven and Four’, ‘Paper Aeroplane’, and ‘Lamppost Light’ and she’s still doing it with the unreleased ‘Emma Spins’, which I guess will be on the new album. None of them feature on her own ‘Best of…’ playlist on Spotify, which is a shame.

This song owes much more to her other main direction, electro-pop, but it is more upbeat than usual and with a distinctive dance flavour to it. It is about expanding one’s human capacity to open oneself up and let go of the need to suppress emotions.

She says, “Musically, it's probably the most dance-y I've ever made. I really wanted it to be something you could dance to. I made it with Christian Vium (from Danish rock band Go Go Berlin) and we just had a blast with it. It was a bit of a guilty pleasure experience for me. It was also a question of how much I can stretch my own capacity as an artist to make something that is absolutely wildly simple and club-like.”

“I feel like they are very obvious lyrics to the people that just don’t get it. The first line is ‘you want attention, not advice’. Meaning, when someone wants to talk about feminism or what it's like to be a woman in the music business or whatever (and she does both of those things – a lot) - what they really want, is just attention.”

I’m not entirely convinced that the rigour of her deeply considered messages square with a dance track but it’s a one-off and in answer to the question she poses throughout the song, “do I bore you?”, I can safely say the answer to that is no.

The single is accompanied by a video-performance from Train, a nightclub in Aarhus, Denmark, without an audience, and without the energy and the fan/artist interaction that a live performance is usually carried along by (and which is palpable in her case).

‘If you want capacity’ was released on HFN Music on 28th August.

Lydmor has Danish and European dates from August through to March but no UK ones scheduled yet.

Find her on Facebook.


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