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Mansfield 🇩🇰 - ‘Come Rain or Shine’ (EP)

I don't have many Nordic Music Review ambitions left, to make it to 10 years (in 18 months time) would be good, organising another sell out London gig would be amazing, and slightly more randomly I'd still like to get Danish band Mansfield to change their Spotify description of the UK town they named themselves after away from 'a town in North East England', to something more fitting of its geography.

Of course, it's anyone's guess whether these ambitions are achievable, but the one thing which is more guaranteed is Mansfield's music, because they might be slightly confused about the town Mansfield's location, but their music is always hugely enjoyable, a clear homage to Brit Pop and 60's Mersey Beat. Of course some will suggest that this type of thing has been done before, but to me that really doesn't matter, they write good songs, with strong melodies and 'Come Rain or Shine' is an instantly likeable release, which I've had on repeat all weekend.

Opening track 'Chasing After You' sets the scene, it's not my favourite song on the EP but I like the guitar sound, before we're offered 'London Riots' (Copenhagen Riots just wouldn't have the same ring to it), a huge highlight with a catchy chorus, well judged brass support and a particularly neat ending. 'The Nature of a Troubled Mind' is a more reflective track musically and lyrically (describing 'frustration and longing for love and acceptance'), opening with the clearer hint of an Oasis influenced melody, before final track 'The Sky's In Love with You', an anthemic indie track that really should be blasted out on a UK festival stage sometime this summer.

Mansfield are a band I listen to a fair amount, Nordic wise they're very much on a par with the excellent Pelicat (check out 'Down at the Arcade' or the fantastic'Ballad of Faustino Asprillo', written ironically about a North East football icon), excellent in their genre, and they probably just need a little bit of luck to start to make a more noticeable impression on both the Danish and UK music scenes.

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