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Mansfield (Denmark) - ‘Please, Shine A Light’ (single)

I’m surprised that I haven’t written about Danish band Mansfield previously, but truth is that their new single ‘Please, Shine a Light’ is the 1st time I’ve come across the 4 piece, despite the fact that they released an album entitled ‘Star Crossed Lovers’ last year, and were originally formed back in 2015. A huge miss on my part certainly.

The name would certainly have stuck in my mind, and they are actually named after Mansfield, the working class former coal mining town in the East Midlands of the UK close to legendary Sherwood Forrest – not quite North East England as suggested on their Facebook page, but hey we’ll forgive them.

Turns out singer Christian spent a fair amount of time performing in bars in the north of England, and that inspired him not just in the name of the band, because Mansfield are clearly influenced by 1960s Mersey Sound of Liverpool, as well as the likes of Oasis and Travis - the latter being the better songwriters in my view . Somewhat inevitably that results in a ‘classic’ indie sound, that may not break new ground, but who cares when they can write tunes like ‘Please, Shine A Light’.

I do like bands that can write songs like this. Finnish band Pastis are another with a similar talent, and the song hits the ground running with a guitar intro, a big tune and then a chorus that can only be described as ‘anthemic’. You’ll find yourself singing along before you’ve even reached the end of the track, and then possibly waving your mobile phone light at an imaginary festival stage. You get the idea.

There’s a music video, but I can only find that on their Facebook page at the moment, so watch that there, or listen here.

Hopefully when this is all over they can all come and play some UK dates. Surely they're destined one day to play in Mansfield?

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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