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Martin Månsson Sjöstrand 🇸🇪 - 'We Are Mere Inhabitants of Someone's Mind' (single)

It's been a busy week for Swedish musician Martin Månsson Sjöstrand. He's spent the last few days, by all accounts, hanging around the artists entrance to the Malmö Arena, trying to complete his collection of autographs from every single Eurovision entrant, whilst simultaneously surfing the web trying to get tickets for the newly announced Cardiacs gigs this October. Yet he's still had time to release a new single, curiously entitled 'We Are Mere Inhabitants of Someone's Mind'.

Regular readers will remember Martin from a number of features, notably the quite brilliant Dog Paper Submarine, his own project This Heel, our favourite Mary Anning musical historians the Martin Månsson Sjöstrand TrioTurbine Powered Heroes and now somewhat confusingly he's even releasing music under his own name. I guess that should be less confusing actually, but you get the drift, because I've lost track of the number of Bandcamp pages he has.

Anyway 'We Are Mere Inhabitants of Someone's Mind' is a riotous romp of a track, and entirely instrumental too, which at least means I don't have to decipher his normally unfathomable lyrics. I'm not entirely sure whose mind we are supposed to be inhabiting in the song, it's either the nuclear scientist in charge of the Hadron Collider watching his atomic particles accelerate, or a Golden Retriever obsessively chasing a bouncing ball down a hill. Or maybe somewhere in between the two.

Of course we love all his releases. Look forward to seeing his head pop up from behind a sofa in the Green Room just before the Eurovision results are announced tomorrow night. He's just missing the Georgia entry to complete his collection apparently. 

Find him on Bandcamp.


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