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Mia Berg 🇳🇴 - Sleepwalkers at Noon (Album)

I’ve had Mia Berg’s Sleepwalkers at Noon on my roster for some time now because it has been taking me forever to finally sit down and relisten to it again in its full glory. Maybe because my first time listening to a Mia Berg song has led me into a surge of emotions (which may have included not crying but weeping) and that’s probably why I wanted to take some time to fully revel in her newest release.

Well, now that precious time has come and I’m ready to pour my heart out. And while her launch date was only three days earlier than Halloween, it didn’t fall short of haunting me (in a good, emotional way, of course.) The ten tracks on the album give us 37 minutes' worth of nostalgic, wistful music that just puts anyone’s heart into a feeling of longing - longing for memories that once took place or perhaps of memories that seem so fresh yet only exist inside our heads.

My favorite song on the entire album is Sleepwalkers. Unlike the rest of the tracks on this album which were more on the alt-indie/folk side, Mia’s approach to Sleepwalkers is a bit more upbeat: completely making the melody so cheery that you almost kind of forget how painfully striking the lyrics are.

Sleepwalkers at Noon is an ode for all those stuck with living in the memories; those who are left with nothing but the past to linger on.

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