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Miynt - ‘Give me palm trees and inner peace’ (single)

I’m not quite sure how we haven’t featured Swedish artist Miynt previously, but we’ll correct that omission now given she’s released a new single entitled ”Give me palm trees and inner peace.” I particularly love the title.

Musically her style of music is very much ‘my thing’ too, with her latest single a combination of grunge rock and psych, and she’s made a positive impression across the indie world since she debuted with an EP cannily entitled ‘EP 1’ in 2016. Lead track ‘After the Gold Rush’ is my personal favourite, a swooning psych pop song with a gorgeous ending. She then followed that up with a further EP last year entitled ‘Stay On Your Mind’.

Despite my abject failure in not writing about her, she has had some great coverage elsewhere, including The Guardian, Stereogum and many other places, and her songs are starting to build up impressive Spotify streams.

New song ’Give me palm trees and inner peace” is coupled with an ‘AA’ track entitled ‘Lovesong’ and it’s definitely her most grunge influenced track so far, with a chorus that has hints of early Nirvana, and a lo-fi production and vocal style that adds to the charm. But she never leaves her ‘pop’ influences far behind, she writes catchy tunes, and the deliberately chaotic ending is

Check out both tracks.

Find her on Facebook, or Instagram.


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