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Moon Panda - 'Rick F***in Dalton' (single)

'Moon Panda's' new track 'Rick F***in Dalton' is about ''wanting to take the one you love most with you and hit the open road, sea, sky, wherever. Just, freedom''

There's probably never been a time when so many of us have wanted to do the same, with our freedoms being so constrained. Of course 'Rick F***in Dalton' wasn't written with the current world situation in mind, it was actually inspired after the band watched the Tarantino film 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'. Somehow it captures the spirit of the film, with a fluid, laid back and atmospheric feel.

Behind 'Moon Panda' are Californian songwriter Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke. They 1st released a single 'Rabbit' back in 2018, and both that single and their follow up 'Gun' were top of the 'Hype Machine' charts, and these guys are favourites of some really cool music websites across the world, such as the always reliable Revue, Indie Shuffle and many many more - so maybe we're kind of late to the party, but I always avoid parties anyway.

'Rick F***in Dalton' is a delightful whimsical track, with an addictive main theme and a darn cool bass line, but for me it's all about the rhythms, because that's what gives the track it's mystery, charm and a slight swagger too. Take a listen and you'll see what I mean:

The track is the 1st from a new Moon Panda EP which is due on June 19th and is entitled 'Make Well', and which will be released through Fierce Panda Records. Hopefully we'll see more UK live dates at some point too.

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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