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Moviestar - 'The Curse and the Currency' (single)

It's been a while since we heard from Norwegian band Moviestar, whom we featured in 2018 when they released their album ‘Stupid People / Happy Days’. The hypergalactic (or are they intergalactic?) art pop trio are back with a new single called ‘The Curse and the Currency’, and it’s quite possibly their best song yet.

Of course you might remember there is a slightly ludicrous backstory behind Moviestar which reputedly involves them coming directly from the future and the distant planet Fenris, after being chosen on a mission to ‘save the world’. Now it’s not really my place to critique the success of such intrepid space travellers, but given that since their arrival we’ve had Donald Trump in the White House and a huge global pandemic, I’d tentatively suggest that the ‘saving’ bit isn’t entirely going to plan.

New single ‘The Curse and the Currency’ does however offer some pretty relevant commentary on the state of modern humanity. Musically it will really grow on you, and it’s already one of my favourite tracks on the newly launched Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist, available through a streaming service that ironically could have been a topic for the song title.

Anyway I sometimes find Moviestar’s tracks a bit ‘hit or miss’, but this has both an energy and a charm to it, as well as a catchy chorus – and I’m even starting to enjoy the slightly forced infused cyberpunk sounds.

Moviestar's new album ‘The Currency of the Twenty-First Century’ will be out on the 5th June.

Social media platforms are apparently banned on Fenris, but you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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