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  • David Bentley

Moyka (Norway) – ‘As Long as you’re here’ & ‘Stay’ (twin single release)

Young Norwegian artist and producer Moyka has said frequently in her social media channels over the last few weeks that “this is the beginning of a new chapter”, as she releases two short singles from her forthcoming debut album (August 2021) and that the two tracks are “part of a bigger story” to be revealed.

This is the third time I’ve come across her. The first time was the single ‘Bones’, which was excellent for a debut. Then last year her EP ‘Spaces’, which I thought was a little bland in comparison although it did have its moments, such as the final track, ‘Violet’. The conclusion I reached was that I’d like to hear a little more variety in her work.

Well there both is and isn’t on these two tracks. She channels several Norwegian artists quite closely, notably Aurora and Sigrid and to a lesser degree Highasakite and I have to say that if I was played one of these tracks blind – ALAYH as she refers to it almost as if it is a name – I would have thought I was listening to Aurora; so similar is her vocal phrasing.

But she has developed a few little vocal tricks of her own such as the multi-tracking of her voice in the same way Sol Heilo does it, and that does add considerable atmosphere to the song.

Musically, Moyka is all about synthesisers and their adaptation. There are often at least two; one laying down the bass patterns and the other the melody. Don’t expect to hear a screeching guitar solo for a bridge. There won’t be one and often there won’t be much of a bridge either. There will be plenty of joyful, uplifting melody, whatever the subject of the song.

Lyrically, she plays her cards close to her chest. The words are sparse. ALAYH has only 60 of them and many are repeated. I’ve noted previously that her lyrics are typically a little vague and that is the case again here. But she knows what they mean and that’s all that matters. The fans can have fun trying to figure them out.

There’s nothing to dislike about Moyka. She makes very pleasant electro-pop for an audience I would guess that are mainly in their late teens or early twenties like her. I reckon the best is yet to come, quite possibly on this album, but I do believe that she still needs to differentiate her style from that of her peers if she really wants to make her mark.

‘As Long As you’re here’ was produced by Moyka and Eirik Hella. ‘Stay’ by Moyka, Vetle Junker and Eirik Hella.

The tracks have been released by Snafu Records, to which she has signed this year.

Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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