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MYHR (Sweden) - ‘I Would’ (single)

I can’t deny I’ve found it difficult to get going this week, I know there’s light somewhere in the distance, it just seems a rather long journey to get to it. I need live music and warm beer in an impossibly small and cramped venue.

So I’ve been listening to a fair few lo-fi melancholy releases that seem to suit my state of mind, and I quite like this release entitled ‘I Would’ by MYHR, a Swedish project that have a quietly intriguing approach to their songwriting.

They’re are a duo comprising of Pierre Corradini and Uma, although they bring in other musicians where needed, and they’ve recently been working with Thomas E Frank and recording at Ljudvalvet Studios – I think Jacques Labouchere may have done some recording there, but I’m frequently incorrect about such detail . Now there’s very little on MYHR online, and my inevitable google search simply resulted in companies promoting HR systems. But they can be found easily on Spotify, where they’ve released a series of tracks, and an EP entitled ‘Stone’ last year. Go check it out.

New song ‘I Would’ was released just over a week ago, and it’s a minimalist affair which doesn’t demand attention, gently atmospheric vocals offer a meandering tune against a prominent bass line and spaced out electronica. It’s as if they’re hoping we’ll just quietly meander into their little world, rather than them shouting into our chaotic noisy version.

Find them on Instagram.


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