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Nikolaj Grandjean (single) - ‘Snowriders’

So here’s something a little bit different I think, and it’s a thoughtful if a little melancholy track from the Danish Indie Folk / Americana influenced songwriter Nikolaj Grandjean. He’s another artist new to Nordic Music Review, even though he’s both a solo performer and renowned songwriter for other artists too – writing for several top 10 Danish artists, and having impressive ’hits’ of his own.

It’s the 1st track from a new release due in Spring this year, a follow up to an EP entitled ‘Seven Wild Horses’ which he released last year. Previous to that it had been six years since his previous album ‘Together‘, which is probably a further indicator that he spends a fair amount of time contemplating and thinking through his own releases.

The new track is entitled ‘Snowriders’, all his songs are loosely about himself, but this one specifically is about a man who thought he might have murdered someone when protecting his estate.

Nikolaj explains further: “This is a song about a man who ran away; unsure if he killed anyone. Someone who wanted to take away from him and steal what was his. Metaphorically, many aspects of my private life are reflected. I'm not good at hurting people. But I've certainly run away in my life.”

All of this is explained through the image of the Snowrider in the track, yet still with a desire of having a woman who will travel with him on the journey. Certainly when viewed in the video it becomes quite powerful, if a bit sad, and not only is Nikolaj Grandjean an excellent songwriter, but the vocals are excellent too, I just love the subtle expressive touches in the voice. Maybe the quality of production needs a shout out too, because that certainly adds to the effect.

This has grown on me all week, both in the lyrics and the music.

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