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NMR INTERVIEW: Veps ahead of UK Tour!

Ahead of their 1st ever UK tour which starts next week, one of my favourite new bands Veps have been having a quick chat with Nordic Music Review.

NMR: I want to start with the important bit. You’re touring the UK! Just how excited are you all?

VEPS: “We’re so excited!! We’ve been looking forward to this for a long long time. Because of covid we haven’t let ourselves believe that it would actually happen, but now that it’s so close and the coast is clear it feels like a dream is coming true. We honestly can’t believe it’s happening.”

NMR: You’re playing some great small quirky venues, I love the ‘Hare & Hounds’ in Birmingham, the ‘Jacaranda’ in Liverpool is great and it’s worth coming to see you at ‘Yes’ in Manchester just for the Pizza. What aspect of the tour are you looking forward to the most?

VEPS: “I mean, playing the gig is always the most fun part. It gives a thrill that you don’t really get to experience anywhere else. But getting to travel to new places and meet cool people along the way is a huge bonus! None of us have ever been to many of the cities we’re playing in.”

NMR: You’re also coming back to play the Stag & Dagger Glasgow / Edinburgh festival at the end of April, aside from that excellent event, which other worldwide festival would you most like to play? VEPS: “We really want to play Roskilde one day! It would be awesome being a part of that atmosphere.”

NMR: So you obviously released a great EP last year called ‘Open the Door’, I’m guessing we’ll be hearing some new tracks from you on the tour? VEPS: “Thank you! We might definitely be playing a couple of unreleased songs… Maybe even five of them“

NMR: You’ve also got a new single coming out shortly, can you tell us about it? VEPS: "That’s right, our new song "Ballerina (Norah)” is released the first day we set out on the tour, the same day we’re playing at The Louisiana in Bristol. We wrote it almost a year ago in Helena’s basement, and now it’s finally coming out to the world. We’re looking forward to celebrating the release in Bristol."

NMR: And future plans, is there an album in the making yet? VEPS: "Well, we can’t promise you any timeline, but we have definitely been working our asses off writing new music… So be on the lookout this year."

NMR: Thanks for your time. We’ll see you in Birmingham or Manchester, or possibly Liverpool! VEPS: "Oh yes, we can’t wait to set out on our first UK tour! It will be a blast."

A big thank you to Veps. I have a few interviews to catch up from last year (with particular apologies to Linebug), but will try and catch some other Nordic artists before their UK dates, maybe Caper Clowns and even Major Parkinson....

Veps photo credit: Jenny F. Lunde


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