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NMR Playlist Update

I'll be keeping the NMR Indie Playlist updated and the latest additions include some great new tracks from the likes of Astrid Swan, The Killing Tapes, Gypsy Chicken, School of X and bands I hadn't come across before, such as Neon Apartments (who've released a 'Single of the Year contender with 'In Tombs'), and the Anonymous Depressed Dogs Club, who really sound like my type of band.

It also includes a few tracks I didn't have chance to get to previously, including the likes of Jacques Labouchere, Kingfisher and Finnish indie band Gim Kordan.

Love the new track from Dear Elephant (which features previously featured TOVE), and the new Trentemøller remix of the Loa & Koan track is interesting, partly because it's introduced me to the excellent original.

More updates to the Playlist soon. Take care everyone….


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