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'No Suits in Miami' - 'What We Have' (single)

Maybe it’s the current crisis that’s making me look backwards to times when everything seemed happier, or am I just getting to that age when I just naturally think everything was better a few years back anyway? Either way, No Suits in Miami are the proof things were, with a shimmering new track entitled ‘What We Have’ which will throw you back to 90’s Britain, when Lush and Teenage Fanclub were in the UK Charts, and Indie shoegaze was surging. Of course, if you weren’t living in Britain in the 90’s, being thrown back there might come somewhat as a surprise, but just microwave yourself a 'pop tart' and go with me on this.

No Suits in Miami, competing for my title of favourite Indie Band names alongside Mammoth Penguins, are from southern Sweden, a classic 4 piece indie pop band fronted by vocalist Michelle Dzgoeva. What’s particularly lovely is that these guys appear to have known each other since they were really young, they released an album last year entitled ‘I Hope That No One Sees Me’ (which apparently their grandparents liked), and if there’s one band that should appear at the next Indiefjord Indie Pop festival it’s these guys – in fact, my campaign for that to happen starts right now.

‘What We Have’ is a perfect sad song for a warm sunny evening, where everything should be perfect, but just isn’t quite. Michelle Dzgoeva’s vocals suit the style perfectly, and the indie guitar backdrop is straight out of ‘Shoegaze School’ – if there is such a place, and if there isn't there certainly should be.

I also like the fact they describe the song as ''setting the mood equally well for lonesome listening during a sad Friday evening, as it does for the annual tournament of the Swedish version of baseball, also known as brännboll.''

Exactly how brännboll fits in I’m not sure, because that simply raises the question, what’s pesäpallo then? I thought that was the Swedish version of baseball? It’s all deeply unsatisfactory, and we’ll maybe have to do an interview or something to clarify all the important outstanding questions.

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