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Non Nordic Sunday: OSKA - ‘Misunderstood’ (from EP ‘Honeymoon Phase’’)

I’m wondering if it’s possible to cover 50 different countries across the year through our Non Nordic Sunday features. I certainly don’t think we’ve been to Austria in previous years, but OSKA is definitely worth considering, as her debut EP ‘Honeymoon Phase’ was released on Friday, and pretty impressive it is too, treading a nice line between quirky bedroom indie folk and a more ‘commercial’ sound.

Becoming a songwriter is clearly something OSKA has always wanted to do, having been born into a family of musicians, and after moving to a Vienna to study music when she was 18 – developing her singing skills and confidence busking in the streets of the city. After spending time working with other artists, she released her debut single at the end of 2019, and just over a year later that debut EP is ready,

Honeymoon Phase’ has 5 tracks on it, and it’s the song ‘Misunderstood’ that I’m focussing on, with a melody that quickly diverts away in a direction you won’t quite expect, some finely judged string contributions and lyrics which are personal and thoughtfully judged: “don’t tell me it’s because of my childhood that I feel so misunderstood’.

OKRA definitely has something pretty special about her, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets widespread radio play with these tracks and some summer festival appearances – assuming there are any, of course.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram. And buy the limited edition vinyl EP here.


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