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Non Nordic Sunday: Sterbus - ‘Prosopopeye’ (video)

We have the rare treat of 2 Non Nordic offerings today, firstly heading to Italy and an alternative indie band influenced by a wide range of rock styles – from progressive to punk, with a healthy dose of power pop too. Behind Sterbus is the hugely talented musician Emanuele Sterbini, and although based in Rome he plays with musicians from both the UK and Italy on his recordings, and sometimes in live gigs too - as can be seen on new video ‘Prosopopeye’.

The track was featured on his (very) long play release ‘Real Estate / Fake Inverno’ which was released 2 years ago, and they headed over to the UK in September 2018 to play a release concert, as part of the 'all spectacular’ line-up at the Water Rats in London, which included the brilliant Display Team and Major Parkinson.

They've very cleverly now taken footage from that gig and fused it with a storyline filmed in Australia to create a brand new video, and rather marvellous it is too - partly I guess because it brings back memories of that wonderful night.

But it’s a great reminder of just what a good band Sterbus are, and ‘Prosopopeye’ is a pop anthem with a belting chorus and some interesting progressive influences in the song writing I know I say it almost every week, but it really is all about the 'tunes' and Sterbus knows how to write and deliver really good ones. It’s unashamedly 6 minutes long too, but I'd be happier if it was longer.

Incidentally the track features none other than Bob Leith of Cardiacs on drums, incredible drummer and lovely chap too.

Find them on Facebook, and you can buy the album on Bandcamp.

The song was written, arranged and produced by Emanuele Sterbini and Giovanna Dominique Damiana D’Avanzo.

The video footage at the Water Rats was courtesy of Charlie Mounsey, whilst Simone Verrecchia had the go-pro on his bass. Aldo Giuliano and Erilda Zazo starred in the video as the couple in Australia and the video was edited by Dominique D'Avanzo.


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