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Norbert Lukacs - 'Already Settled' (single)

So here’s a lovely song to start the week, and it’s from an artist we haven’t featured for a few years – Swedish multi-instrumentalist Norbert Lukács, with his new track ‘Already Settled’. I’m conscious that I’ve also written a lot about noisy people playing their guitars loudly recently, so hope it will also shift the emphasis a little.

Norbert Lukács is an artist where the focus is really all about the melodies, and songs wrapped up in soft lo-fi instrumentals and vocals that are almost lullaby like in their delivery. I guess it’s kind of timeless indie pop, perfect for dreamy warm summer nights in a festival field somewhere too.

We write about him previously in 2017 when he released his EP ‘Airplane / Sunset / Rivers’, the highlight being the beautiful track ‘Garden’, which is heading somewhere towards ½ million plays on Spotify.

‘Already Settled’ is a song ‘’about letting someone go, looking back on the relationship with nostalgia, thinking damn this was supposed to be it. but realizing that the stars were wrong, this time’’.

Lyrically it’s all fairly simply expressed, ‘So it’s already settled / this is how it ends / the curtains are closing as the song fades…’’, followed by some descriptive visions of blue skies, summer, accompanied by somewhat inevitable strings that add that warmth to the song. It is of course lovely, and you'd have to be particularly cynical and weary of the world not to like ‘Already Settled’.

The good news is that this is the 1st track from Norbert’s debut album, currently in production.

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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