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Nordic Indie Christmas Playlist - 15/12

Given that 2 of my favourite things in the world are Nordic Indie music and Christmas, it seems appropriate to put those 2 things together and create the ultimate Nordic Indie Christmas Playlist. I say ultimate, but I'm sure someone has done one way better.... and I'm sure I've missed some excellent tracks, please send them my way if you have any suggestions.

The playlist opens with the amazing Crying Day Care Choir, who've released a number great Christmas songs over the years, as have the often featured Club K, and we have lovely tracks from William Hut and Hilma Nikolaisen - as recommended to us by Misty Coast in their recent interview.

We then have a classic from The Raveonettes, another oldie from Mew, and another welcome return for the excellent FLTY BRGR GRL, who were influenced by Low when writing their (inevitably named) song 'Ex-mas', released last Christmas.

Norwegian artist Bellman also released his song 'A Christmas Tale' last year, whilst there are alternative sounding songs from Frode Fivel, Magne Furuholmen, Nilsen's Southern Harmony and Onsloow.

Icelandic artist Lón has released a lovely EP of Christmas tracks this year, and we've included his version of the classic 'Old Toy Trains', whilst there are tracks from Amason, Daði Freyr, Trentemøller, flora cash, Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children.

A number of Nordic Music Review regulars appear, with the likes of Remington Super 60, a kind of festive Delay Trees, Loney Dear, and none other than Toad Venom, who we wrote about yesterday thanks to their fantastic album 'Eat'.

To wrap things up we also feature a beautiful if heartbreaking track from Ellen Kraus, then Stafreann Hakon, The Forever Now, Kate Havnevik, Brek, William Hut, Elna Romberg, The New Fever and wrap things up with Maria Grønlund.

However you spend the festive season we hope you enjoy the playlist, and that you are all safe and warm. Please keep taking care of each other.

Erin from the fabulous blog Oregon Girl Around the World has done a few features on Nordic Christmas music over the years, please check out her amazing website.


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