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Nordic Indie Playlist Update - 03/12

This is almost our final Indie Playlist of the year - with just an extra special Christmas / Festive Indie version due in about 10 days. It features some great new releases, including Nordic Music Review favourites ONBC, Misty Coast, Juha Kujanpää, Árstíðir, The School Book Depository, Secret Treehouse and it's a welcome return for Marthe Halvorsen with the 1st single ahead of the release of her 2nd album next year.

Our featured Single of the Week artist Inger Nordvik is included, as are lovely tracks from CAJA, Martin Baltser, Aasma, a great Trentemøller and DiSA cover of a Raveonettes song, the excellent Resa Saffa Park, mimi bay, Conversion Therapy, Suosikki, FEWS, Fernet Underground, new tracks from Varas, FLTY BRGR GRL, Dark Sven, Mt. Mélodie, Love on Drugs, Varas, Julie Myhre, SaintPolis, Memoira and Red Lama.

We hope (perhaps) to get to longer album releases from The Mayfly Scheme, Richard Öhrn, Oak Now Willow, Looney Gloomers, Lilac and Les Big Byrd, but include tracks on the playlist in the meantime, and Sofia Perhomaa is also included with a new track from her album 'Temppuja'.

We also welcome for the 1st time onto the playlist Danish electronic post rock band My Lesser Being and fellow Danish indie band Thoughtfool, young Swedish songwriter Edgar Homeros, the poetic pop of Norwegian artist Myk:tind and fabulous track 'Hey Son' from Norwegian trio CASILIAN, which I'll do a special thing on if time permits.

Apologies for any typos or mistakes, just a short 'run' with the new playlist before we treat ourselves to our Nordic Christmas Playlist, which is sounding pretty wonderful even if i say so myself.

Please 'like' our playlist, it really helps us and the other artists featured.


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