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Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist - Hringfari, Gaeya, Jan Ove Fjeld, Hellhounds and more...

It's been a pretty historic few hours, who thought that such a comeback was possible? But does it mean that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will keep his job? And will he survive the next 4 years, or will the problems on his right and left wings expose him?

Anyway enough of the football commentary, because again it's time for an update to our Nordic Music Review playlist, and the level of quality releases this month has made selection even more difficult than tonight's choice between Chinese or Thai takeaway. Although that's a rubbish comparison, because it's always Thai right?

As for the playlist, Iceland features heavily. We'd been really anticipating the Red Barnett album release, CeaseTone are always an NMR favourite, but where did Hringfari and Bony Man pop up from, we really recommend them both. Miynt definitely impressed us both with her track 'Give me palm trees and inner peace', whilst it was lovely to feature Finnish artists KO:MI and the particularly interesting Hellhounds - who definitely don't sound like Of Monsters and Men. Thankfully.

And in the midst of the Indie mayhem, take some time to listen to 2 beautiful neo-classical releases. Firstly Rikard Mathisson could even calm poor old Donald with his soothing track 'Meditation', whilst prolific Norwegian composer Jan Ove Fjeld released a lovely composition entitled 'Equilibrium' - for more details about him check out his Spotify releases here.

We'll do a new update at the end of the month!

In the meantime it's our 6th anniversary in a couple of weeks, so look out for some 'special' features, and maybe even a competition.


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