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Nordic Music Review Playlist 22/01/23

We're starting the features on the 1st Album and EP releases if the year tomorrow, but first we have some great new releases for our latest Indie Playlist - there's a couple we missed from last year, but they're mostly from the 1st 3 weeks of the year.

If you can support the playlist by following it on Spotify then that really is appreciated.

It opens with another fabulous track from Norwegian songwriter Bo Milli, who is definitely one of my favourite new artists to emerge in the last 12 months, and a brand new song from Swedes Girl Scout, who you can catch on the 30th Jan in London at The Shacklewell Arms - if it wasn't a Monday night I might make the trek down to London. Fellow Swedish artist TOVE has been a regular on these pages, and she returns with 'Pretty Sequence', whilst it's a warm welcome for another great band on the Rama Lama label, Mary Anne's Polar Rig - hopefully we can cover their debut album when it comes out on March 24th.

The inspired Adrian Cornelius debuts with 'Social' (EP review tomorrow), whilst I hadn't come across Icelandic post punk band sameheads before, but I really like 'brother in christ', and last years 2 releases are really interesting too, definitely something a little different about them. Previously featured as a Single of the Week, DULL return with another intense high energy track entitled 'The Problem', whilst I love the atmosphere created by Raging Lines in his track 'It Never Happened', courtesy of young Norwegian songwriter Sondre Thomasssen Thorvik - definitely looking forward to more releases from him this year.

The always melodic Swedish band Killer Cashew return with 'Untitled Love Song', ahead of the release of their debut album, whilst I missed Lunar Tantrum last year, but 'Bedtimes (Straight to Bed)' shows great promise ahead of an album release which has been years in the making. Norwegian band Licking the moose are new to these pages, but their unique take on Americana Noir is worth a listen, whilst I've really enjoyed new releases from Danish bands Sauna Senere (lovely mix of quirky tunes and noise) and Dear Amber.

Another Rama Lama artist E. Björklund (Delsbo Beach Club) is featured, whilst the experimental world of Finnish artists Laura Soininen and Jari Käkelä are explored in the debut single from Philes, and ahead of their album in March. Icelandic artists Antsy and Georg Óskar are included, the former with a dream pop track entitled 'Delusional', whilst the latter has an album out which I'll try and cover separately. Meanwhile we featured leoblu as our Single of the Week, and it's a very warm welcome back for Inger Nordvik (her new album is due Feb 10th), Laura Moisio, Freyr and William Hut, with his new single 'Don't Give Up'.

We featured Cederfeldt back in 2021 and she returns with 'Sometime', Stereopsis released the wistful 'Adventure Time' at the end of last year, and we welcome back the always excellent songwriting of Paul Bäcklin, Alba James, Lowly, Digvalley, Last Place Runner-ups, Teini-Paa, Myrkvi with new songs, whilst Norwegian songwriter MaVe releases the 4th song from her upcoming concept album. Two Year Vacation return with a live version of 'Lemons' and look out for some UK gigs from them this year - I have a Manchester Gullivers date for 11th May in my diary.

Finally some some more artists new to Nordic Music Review are featured, including Norwegian artists Debora, songwriter and producer Vaarin (check out the lovely cello in 'Dark Matter') Swedish project Little Family, Norwegian rock outfit The Other End, and wrapping up this update with the brilliantly named Stockholm based Mountainbike Death Tigers.

As always apologies for any typos, nationality blunders and auto-correct changes, it has occasionally been known as much as I check it...


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