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Nordic Music Review Playlist Update!

Our Nordic Music Review playlist has been updated with a whole set of new ‘tunes’ for your listening pleasure.

Most of the names should be familiar, as we’ve reviewed them in the last couple of weeks, but we’ve sneaked in some extras too.

Proving what we already know, that everyone called Lars is extremely likeable, Norwegian duo Likeable Lars comprising of Ketil and erm Lars, have released their track called ‘Medicine’. Jako Vidal are based around musician Martin S. Larsen's songwriting, and their song ‘Medicine’ is also on the list, along with 6 piece Sweden band ‘Knash’ after the release of their debut EP, fellow compatriots ViVii and Norwegian band Ask Carol.

Finnish (but Brighton based) songwriter Julienne has been added with her track ‘Wild’, Swedish psych band Orsak:Oslo have a track on there from their new EP and the whole thing is wrapped up by the incredible ‘Ghosts on TV’ with just the second part of their track ‘I Am Not Dead’.

Stay safe everyone, message us if you have track that you think should be included.


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