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Nununu (Finland) - ‘Kiire’ (single)

There were so many new releases on Friday, and I’ll quickly slip in another from a Finnish visual artist we haven’t featured before, Nununu. Now we’ve featured Post Punk and Post Rock Artists, but I’m not sure we’ve featured any Post Human releases, which is how Nununu is described.

There’s been a few singles released under the name since 2018, the highlight for me being the quite lovely ‘Onnellinen’, with a really effective mix of minimalist piano and wistful electronica.

New song ‘Kiire’ is described as ‘an inner discussion about the temporality of the human body and is also questioning the need of an efficient accomplishment’. It will be included on a new EP which is due to be released this year entitled ‘Hora’.

It’s a really striking track, with powerful synths dominating the early part, but it balances with a catchy vocal melody, enticing rhythms and again that minimalist influence is clear. It‘s engaging, as well as a little mysterious, and Nununu is clearly an artist with some genuinely interesting things to say.

Anyway the track seems to have found its way already on to some Spotify playlists, which is good to see, and we’ll certainly be adding it to ours, when we update it later this week.

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