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Ocean Onyx (Sweden) - ‘For the Sun’ (single)

So I covered Swedish songwriter Anna Leone earlier, and there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to make a huge impression with her releases. And whilst fellow Swede Ocean Onyx may not have had the explosion of Spotify streams yet, she has a similar soothing indie folk charm to her songs that means I definitely want them both on my latest playlist.

Ocean Onyx is a songwriter that I’ve been aware of for a little while now. She’s based in Gothenburg, and has released a series of tracks over the last couple of years, and I think her songwriting (as well as the production behind it) has continue to develop over that time. Her slightly dreamy indie folk style was demonstrated late last year with the appropriately named ‘Milky Dreaming’, and she’s now back with two more songs, ‘Alien Friend’, and my favourite ‘For The Sun’.

It was recorded in Sundsvall and released a couple of weeks ago, and it heads straight into a winding catchy melody, whilst the instrumentation slowly builds around her, notably through the intensity of the rhythmic drumming. There’s a simplicity to the lyrics (and to an extent the song as a whole) that I like, and it’s just a gently uplifting track. I definitely need more music like this in my life.

Take a listen here:

Good to see that she's starting to get some positive coverage in some Indie Music blogs around the world too, and I look forward to future releases.

Find her on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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