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  • David Bentley

Ocelot – Perhosia (single

You learn something new in this job every day. Perhosia refers to butterflies and to the act of counting them. Useful to know if you fancy being a contestant on Mastermind, but not otherwise. According to the Helsinki power trio Ocelot that’s what the song is about, “but it is also about other things”. Thanks, guys.

Then its starts to get all psyche-y. They say, "’Perhosia’ is a dreamy passage transitioning from one world to another, from one consciousness to another, from one dream to another, or perhaps in the context of a future album, from one song to another. 'Perhosia' is a song both innocent and eerie. At first glance the dreamy butterflies are beautiful, but when you look closer, you see something else. Maybe it is a nightmare after all?"

The band started as the solo project of Emilia Pennanen in 2016 and has since taken various permutations and consisted of different members. The current configuration got together for the first time in the autumn of 2019 and could be described as “unconventional alternative pop rock”.

In the spring of that year Ocelot released their first EP called ‘Mä voin ottaa sun ikävän pois’ and currently are working on their first full-length album, preceded by a string of singles.

The music is based on piano, bass, drums and some interesting vocals. Unfortunately I don’t know who the female singer is, they don’t name themselves individually, but she has a similar style and voice to that of my favourite Swedish crackpot, SoLBLoMMa, who featured here recently. Just as in her case you can’t bracket music like this. Apparently it is their most ‘pop’ offering to date and there is a definable melody there but it really exists for those that prefer something a little more challenging than your average poptastic hit.

Speaking of a challenge, we are encouraged to “watch the video carefully” as “more is happening than you think” though that one has gone right over my head. I thought it might be the butterflies on the wall but they don’t appear to move. Answers on a postcard, please.

'Perhosia' was officially released on 3rd April via the label Soliti.

Previously announced spring dates are to be rescheduled for this summer/autumn

Find them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Ocelot Photo by Photo by Emilia Pennanen and Linda Lehtovirta


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