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Oliver Hohlbrugger 🇳🇴 – Velveteen (ft Pål Jackman (single)

I've been unavoidably absent for most of March, so I'm just going to throw some of my favourite tracks out there from the last few weeks and try and get going again.

Slightly unhelpfully I know nothing about Oliver Hohlbrigger other than he's a multi-instrumentalist from Norway, and on his recent track 'Velveteen' he joins together with his pal Pål Jackman, who I unadvisedly googled to reveal lots of online pictures of Hugh Jackman playing golf with pals. But he's from Norway too and is a film director and musician.

'Velveteen' is a really cool track, with Hohlbrugger's vocals dominating, it's outrageously catchy, the guitars drive things along, a Xylophone twinkles in the background and then a brass section and sax pop up for good measure.

Awesome song. He released a slightly more laid back track 'Bright Lights' last year which vocally sits somewhere between John Grant and the brilliant Get Well Soon.

My extensive research on Oliver Hohlbrugger (I read his Spotify profile) reveals a new album in April, which by my current standards means you should read about it here in July.

Find him on Facebook.


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