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  • David Bentley

Olivera – Tomorrows (single)

“The oldest child in Finland” makes her bow with an ultra feel good song, the heavily repeated messages being that all bad days have tomorrows and every cloud has a silver lining if you look hard enough

I’m usually a little cagey about childlike lyrics and vocals (not to mention labels called Playground Music) and this one, on its first listen at least, comes across as a mash up of a young Aurora, Tiffany (‘I think we’re alone now’) and 1960s hippie Melanie.

In the opening line she apologises to a cactus for not showing it enough love. Presumably she forgot to water it. Actually, they don’t need much H2O, Olivera, they live in deserts. Mind you, they can get a bit prickly about it.

That didn’t augur well, but to be fair the song does improve quite dramatically after that. There’s a thumping, and slightly different, catchy beat of the variety that Sigrid typically employs (and one of her echoing choruses – “I know they do, I know they do”. And her trick of adding the suffix “Right?” at the end of each declarative statement, as teenagers do – right? – or whatever, is a clever one.

By the time the bridge comes along most people will be well into it. Ok, it channels the likes of Sigrid, Dagny, Aurora and so on quite strongly but she’s forgiven because it’s tuneful, upbeat and feel good. ‘Nuff said by me.

She says, “In my dreams I’ll be singing this on a warm summer night with a thousand happy people singing along. This year has shown us that we can’t take that or anything for granted.”

Olivera works with the Finnish hit making producer Lenno. And she has a separate career as a songwriter for others. As a featured artist and songwriter Olivera’s credits include artists like Tiësto, Zaxx, 3LAU, Sonny Alven, Lucian and John Dahlbäck. So far the songs she’s written have been streamed over 35 million times. Her own releases have gone viral in Sweden, Norway and Denmark as she grows a catalogue of modern pop classics, lyrically telling the stories of her life.

Olivera shared 'Tomorrows' on 5th June via Playground Music Scandinavia.


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