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Onsloow 🇳🇴 - ‘A Good Day To Forget’ (single)

Will Sunday be a day to forget or a day to remember? I hardly dare predict, but maybe Norwegian band Onsloow think it’ll be ‘A Good Day To Forget’ based on their new single.

It’s just their second release, and we also featured their first, the impressive ‘Overthinking’. But the new track is probably the more infectious of the two, a catchy summer indie anthem with a killer melodic chorus.

If you missed the 1st single, these guys are a 4 piece band from Trondheim, and they blend power pop and 90’s American indie rock with a hint of post punk, and already the vocals of Johanne Rimul are becoming a familiar highlight.

It’s almost quite refreshing not to be sent too much wordy PR too, with the band simply saying that you should listen “with the breeze of the wind in your hair as you pull down the windows of your car and drive along the ocean-side.” Not quite possible living in the midst of industrial estates in Staffordshire, but it does sound like that type of track.

I really like this band. It’s all about the tunes.

Find them on Facebook.


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