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  • David Bentley

Palace Winter – The Deeper End (single from October album release)

Palace Winter have released their latest single ‘The Deeper End’ which features Grandaddy's Jason Lytle on vocals.

The duo comprises Australian lead singer and guitarist Carl Coleman, and Danish pianist and producer Caspar Hesselager. Their new album '... Keep Dreaming Buddy' is coming out on 23rd October on the Tambourhinoceros label.

They passed this way back at the beginning of July, with the previous single from the album. Their style is promoted as ‘cinematic psych-pop’. While I struggled to enjoy the verses on the first hearingthe synths-driven chorus made a strong impression on me.

This song is different in that there is no verse/chorus continuum just a succession of verses and refrains, a bridge and a big instrumental finale. While the electronica is still intact it is less heavy than its predecessor, has more of a country feel to it, partly down to Lytle’s vocals (Coleman comes in towards the end) and you might even notice a passing resemblance to Lobo’s ‘Me, You and a dog named Boo.’ Seriously.

A pleasant song that tells a story briefly and good cruising music. I can imagine driving along Route 66 listening this on repeat.

Find them on Facebook. And Instagram.


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