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Pale Moon Iceland - Happier (video)

I really enjoyed writing about and listening to Ragnar Ægir a couple of days ago, so I’ll stay in Iceland today for a video released by the duo Pale Moon. They’re only half Icelandic really, as they consist of Nata from Siberia and Árni from Iceland, and I did actually write about them back in 2019 when they released their enjoyable debut EP.

They met whilst studying in Barcelona, and then musically developed their songwriting during long instrumental jams whilst touring Mexico (funny how they seemed to choose the hot places…), and I think I commented that their debut releases did have that laid back vibe, with sustained instrumental sections that probably stemmed from those sessions on the Yucatan.

Anyway the good news is that an album is on its way, and they’ve released a couple of singles already this year, the most recent of which was ‘Parachutes’ in April, but they also released one back in January entitled ‘Happier’. I’m featuring that now because they’ve just released a video to the track too.

The premise behind the song is simple enough, that of ‘self discovery, and it’s a soft melodic ballad, which is a mix of soft 60/70’s vocals and a more modern instrumental sound. It sounds quite a simple track, but of course it comes down to the melody, which balances uplifting with a melancholy feel. All in all nice work from the guys, and great to see them in such a stylish video too, it brings the project to life.

Watch the video here.


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