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  • David Bentley

Paul Rey – Talking in my sleep (single)

Big lovey-dovey pop ballads aren’t usually my thing but the opening lines of this one caught my attention.

“I don’t wanna wake up (grunt) / because the left side of this bed / used to have the shape of /…you''

That’s exactly what you need in the Spotify age when you have six seconds, I think it is, to make an impression before your listener gets bored and shuffles off to the next track. I doubt Shakespeare could have done better.

His vocal is fine, not world beating but he emotes with the best of them and that’s all that really matters for this sort of song.

His song reflects the feelings experienced when missing someone and only being able to be with loved ones in your dreams. The video also reflects this and captures Paul in bed as dreamscape visuals play throughout. He wrote it while working a lot in the United States, apart from his then girlfriend, now wife.

Apparently, Paul is something of a ‘pop sensation’ in his native Sweden and the song has done well since its release there earlier this year on both Swedish radio and Spotify. It was written in three hours with his co-writer and producer.

In the U.S. he has found a mentor in Quincy Jones after he heard his 2015 debut EP ‘Good as Hell’ and had a collaboration with Snoop Dogg on the 2017 single ‘California Dreaming’. Paul has also spent time touring with the likes of James TW, Fifth Harmony, Nico & Vinz and more.

Reading the comments on the YouTube clip it also looks as if he has been involved with the Melodifestivalen, from which Sweden picks its Eurovision Song Contest entrant.

Now based in his native Sweden, Paul is currently working on his debut album, which is due for release later this year.


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