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Per och Olof (Sweden) - ‘Ensam’ (single)

We have a really interesting series of diverse artists over the next week, but this one I think is for the real ‘indie’ lovers – and by that I mean indie guitar, the type of music I used to be found listening to wherever I could in an impossibly small and dark basement venue in Manchester’s Northern Quarter before all the nonsense started.

Per och Olof is the name of the artist, and as you’d expect he’s been hanging around in Swedish bands for most of his life – mostly by all accounts the punk variety. However he wanted to slow things down somewhat, and the result is a series of DIY guitar pop tracks, with fuzzy and growling guitars (but never overly ‘loud’) sitting underneath melancholy laid back plaintive vocals.

He debuted only this year with ‘Balkongen’, whilst new song ‘Ensam' (‘Lonely’) was released just this week. According to Per och Olof it is “a track about the longing of finding someone to share your life, someone that is as weird as yourself.”

The highlight to me is simply the sound of the guitars, which in the instrumental sections seem to compete with each other to try and make their respective riffs heard. His music has taken a little while to grow on me, but this latest in particular is certainly well worth a place on the NMR Playlist.

Ensam’ was released through Rama Lama Records this week.

Find him on Facebook or Instagram.

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