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Peri Winkle 🇳🇴 - ‘GHOST ME’ (single)

I did get slightly distracted in my features last week, so my aim this week is to stay focussed, not drift off on tangents, certainly not mention football and if possible try and avoid upsetting any more Leprous fans - although that last one will be trickier to guarantee for too long. But I have just the thing to keep my mind straight, and it's the new single from Peri Winkle, whom I featured with debut track 'Ouroboros' a few months back.

There's such a huge range of new artists landing all the time that it's difficult to get traction for an indie artist on debut, so it's great to see that Peri Winkle made an impact with 'Ouroboros', topping Tidal Rising Norway's playlist, being listed at number 3 on the Norwegian national radio station P3's "Best Right Now," and recommended on NRK Urørt. And of course by Nordic Music Review.

New track 'GHOST ME' "explores themes of ghosting and emotional vulnerability, inviting the listener into an enchanting hyper-world". She has such a distinct vision for her music, with airy fragile vocals contrasting with the glitchy hyperpop, creating a sound that's really different to anything else out there. The melody is an infectious ear worm that will get inside your mind, yet again that's balanced by the feeling of intensity in the lyrics and middle section that creates this feeling of emotional unease.

This is really clever and interesting songwriting, and there's more going on here than you will realise on 1st listen. But the key of course though is that there's always big tunes. It's all about the tunes.

Pretty good right? We look forward to more tracks over the course of the next 12 months. Find her on Facebook.

*** Loads more of the next few days, as we welcome Harri back from her extended 'vacation'.


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