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Permafrost (Norway) - ‘Femme Fatale’ (single)

We have a big collection of new releases hitting todat, so look out for a busy day of features. Before we start just time to slip in a release from last week, courtesy of Norwegian band ‘Permafrost’, with their new single ‘Femme Fatale’, which for me is an easy listening blend of post punk, gothic and alternative rock genres.

They’ve actually been around for years, originally formed back in 1982 in Molde by friends Frode Heggdal Larsen & Kåre Steinsbu. The line-ups changed a fair bit since then, and they’ve all been off working with different projects and bands (impressively including The Cure and Depeche Mode), but looks they’re finally on track for a series of releases in 2021.

Femme Fatale‘ just has such a good sound to it, for me quite nostalgic alternative indie (listen to the guitars and you’ll hear what I mean) and you can hear the Joy Division / Cure influences for sure. But this style of music never goes out of style for me, and Permafrost deliver a strong if slightly dark melody against those gothic sounding guitars.

Good track, albeit not as original as our other featured Norwegian artist last night, Sturle Dagsland, obviously.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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