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Petter Seander (Sweden) - ‘Sea Salt Tears’ (single)

Petter Seander has been around for years now and his new single ‘Sea Salt Tears’ is the new single from his 4th album, which will be self-titled and due to be released in April this year.

He describes it as “perhaps the shortest song he has ever written“, which is probably true at under 2 minutes, but it certainly packs a punch, upbeat indie power pop with a catchy verse and chorus, all performed at breakneck speed.

He’s another artist that we’ve not given enough attention to, returning at the end of last year with the 1st single from that new album, which he describes as “eight reflections somewhere dangling between given up and hopeful“. I think I’m in exactly the same place.

Interestingly the Album was recorded by Daniel Aldenmark and Otto Niklasson Elmerås at One Touch Edit Studio in Stockholm. Now it’s the latter of those two that we remember in particular at NMR for a stunning debut EP in 2016, although somehow I then contrived to miss an album in 2018. Sorry readers and sorry Otto.

Anyway Petter Seander writes a good indie pop tune, and ‘Sea Salt Tears’ takes no time in getting going, and then seems to pick up even more pace when it hits the chorus. It reflects apparently that “you can always leave a place, but somehow the place never leaves you”. It’s very true certainly, and all proven in 110 seconds.

Short catchy tracks like this are very 'playlistable' by radio stations, so hopefully this should get some good coverage in Sweden at the very least.

Find him on Instagram.


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