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Piotr Nowotnik (ft Violina Juliusdotter) - Duvan I Skogan (single)

We’ve covered, even if I say so myself, an excellent diverse set of Indie bands in the last week, from the gothgaze of Spunsugar to the brilliance of Pom Poko, and even newbies Soap Detox, who are currently tucking into their Friday night Beetroot & Halloumi salad.

So for something a little different, I’m delighted to introduce Australian composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Piotr Nowotnik, who whilst studying in Gotland in 2018 worked with local singer Violina Juliusdotter to produce a collection of tracks, with the most recent to be released being ‘Duvan I Skogan’.

In the accompanying notes, Piotr sets out the range of instruments on the track: “I play hurdy-gurdy, Chinese bawu, Armenian duduks, sax, Swedish bagpipe (sackpipa) etc..”

I love the use of the ‘etc’, as if we should all know what other instruments should follow from such an unusual list.

But it’s these instruments that give the track so much character, all constructed alongside a traditional Swedish folk melody - I’ve really enjoyed picking up the individual unique sounds. The arrangements are intricate and clever too, and although based around the same musical theme, at 7 minutes it doesn’t feel over long – even with a slightly curious ending involving footsteps, a door closing, an old car and birdsong.

It’s definitely worth a listen.

Piotr Nowotnik has a wide range of interesting releases available, for more information check his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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