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Poly 🇸🇪 - ‘I Would Rather Sing’ (EP)

Inevitably I have masses of releases to cover, so I’ll try and keep everything short and sweet. Poly are a completely new name to me, they’re a 4 piece band from Gothenburg who seemed to emerge last year, apparently with only an Instagram profile to their name.

But rather than drip-feed singles over the course of a year, they’ve gone straight for an EP release, which is good to see and it’s entitled ‘I Would Rather Sing’, with a really likeable slightly retro indie sound and 5 substantial tracks, the highlight probably being the title song.

It’s that title track which opens the EP, ‘The Cure’ influences are clear, but then the track meanders off in a gentle shoegaze direction, and there’s lots of things to like, the melody is memorable, the guitars easy to listen to and the track moves a long at a fair pace. The instrumental sections in ‘We Have Danced’ are blissful and easy to get lost in, whilst ‘There She Goes (With Another One’) has a catchy feel to the opening, and they even offer a more atmospheric track in ‘She will Shine’.

It would be true to suggest that they don't cover too much new ground musically (or in their song titles), whilst clues on lyrical content would be appreciated given they’re pretty indecipherable to my old ears. But I don't care that much, I’ve really enjoyed the EP, and hope to hear more from Poly over the next couple of years.

Find them only on Instagram.


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